Services and expertise

Front-end and web development services

Whether you are an individual, an agency, a freelancer or a recruiter, I am convinced that you will be able to offer you a solution to your needs.

What sets me apart is that your website will be pixel perfect. What does that mean ? It is that the result of your site will be at 99.5% identical to the mockup made by your designer. So there will be no visual anomaly and your website will be identical on each browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

Recruitment Services

Looking for a resource for a short term project? Be aware that I am available for a short-term (2 to 3 weeks) full-time project or a long-term part-time project (3 weeks to 1 month and a half).

Freelancer Services

Whether you are a project manager, a designer, a back-end developper or an front-end developper, I’am always open to partnerships. As a team, we will join forces to ensure the development of your client’s website.

Web Agency Services

Are you an agency and your web development team is completely overwhelmed? Do not search anymore! Whether it’s for on-site work or remote work, I offer my services as a front-end developer to allow your team to breathe.

I mainly specialize in developing Html5, Css3 (Sass, Less) and jQuery and I’m used to working on PHP structures like WordPress and Laravel.

With WordPress, I use the suite. Either, Trellis, Bedrock and the Sage theme.

I have a good experience with the following tools: Vagrant, Composer, Gulp, GitHub, BitBucket, Jira, Trello, and Slack.

Private Services

You are an individual and you need a website? Contact me and together we will evaluate your needs, your budget and define a strategy and an action plan for the development of your website.

If you want a site of a higher category, know that I have partners with whom I collaborate regularly to ensure the best service possible.

We will take the time to evaluate your competitors and develop a strategy to add you effectively on the web.

A list of satisfied customers

Do not hesitate to consult my satisfied customers who have trusted me.