Jardin de Vicky

    Help for teachers

    Jardin de Vicky is a very recognized site in the field of education. This is a transactional website offering academic materials for preschool and elementary teachers. We mainly find educational sheets, posters, reminders, workshops and certificates.


    The original version of Jardin de Vicky is more than 10 years old. In partnership with Ge-o-de, we conceptualized and developed the new structure of the site.

    Subscription system

    Unlike the original version, we have implemented an automated subscription system. The user can be registered as a school and buy licenses for his teachers. A teacher can also create his own subscription. The subscription gives access to all the documents on the site.

    Restructuring of the site

    The first challenge was to review the structure of the 2,900 documents. In the old system, documents were only available by topic. It was not possible to do research.

    In the new version, we have grouped the documents by themes and sub-themes. Whether by subject, level, theme, type of document or by special needs.

    We also added a full search to quickly find a document by title or topic.


    We have developed a system of favorites. The teacher can then group and save in his account the documents he often needs.

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    Jardin de Vicky

    User Experience and Design

    Ge-o-de (Laura Lee Moreau)

    Front-End Developer

    Jean-Philippe Brousseau

    Back-End Developer

    Oleg Hmelevschi

    Platform and tools

    Laravel with eCommerce