Misencil gets a makeover

    Misencil is a company specializing in beauty products. This one needed a graphic and functional redesign. In association with La Shop Web and Ge-o-de, we have conceptualized and developed a brand new website that reflects the aesthetic products.

    An important visual

    Since the main customers of Misencil are technician, it was important to have a visual representative of the quality of the products. That’s why we decided to entrust the graphic mandate to Laura Lee Moreau from Ge-o-de. Her expertise has allowed a redesign with a sleek visual highlighting the products.

    A major challenge

    The main challenge of Misencil was its multi site and multi language structure. All on the WooCommerce platform. Considering that the company is recognized internationally, it was important to have adapted content for each major region of the world. Mainly for Canada, the United States and Europe. We then developed several shops running on the same system.

    Product Management

    Since the site is segmented into several shops, we have developed a system that allows the administrator to enter his product a first time. This one is then duplicated on each shop. The administrator can then independently edit each product to adjust the characteristics for each region.


    Link of the site




    Project Management / Marketing

    La Shop Web (Audrey Gilbert)

    User Experience and Design

    Ge-o-de (Laura Lee Moreau)

    Front-End Developer

    Jean-Philippe Brousseau

    Back-End Developer

    Jean-Philippe Lambert

    Platform and tools

    WordPress multi-site, WPML et WooCommerce